With the oncoming of the most feminine month of the year, Crozia has once again found a place on the pages of the world-famous fashion and lifestyle magazine VOGUE. For a second time in a row you will be able to see the luxurious Bulgarian cosmetics in the beauty section of the British edition. VOGUE is the most prestigious platform for setting new trends in the fashion and cosmetics industry. Our presence there means a lot to us and is also a recognition of the tireless work we do every day to provide you quality products.

Crozia’s advise - “Choose yourself”

Crozia’s team is happy that our cosmetics are part of that exact March issue of the British VOGUE, because in it Kim Kardashian bravely announces “I’ve chosen myself”. We at Crozia are ambassadors of female beauty, and we believe that every woman should “choose herself” at least once a day for 5 minutes to take care for her tender female facial skin, ant to ensure self-confidence, comfort and personal satisfaction. 

Intensive serum for a perfect start to spring

In March, the product you will be able to read about in VOGUE is our intensive saffron serum, which tightens, nourishes and lifts the contour of the face. Thanks to the main ingredient - saffron crocus extract from the stigmas, which stimulates collagen production - the face remains well hydrated and elastic. This helps to slow down the process of premature ageing and even out the tan.

Crozia for beauty

Our team continues to create magic for you, ladies. Every product we offer you is dermatologically tested and certified with an "Excellent" rating, which guarantees impeccable quality. Your beauty is our mission!
Expect to see us again in the April issue of The VOGUE magazine with more details about the eye cream from the Brilliance series.