Crozia starts the new year with exciting news. Our luxury women's facial cosmetics have found its place on the pages of the most popular fashion magazine in the world VOGUE. The British edition of the elite magazine began to be published in the distant 1916 and since then has been a benchmark for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and cosmetic trends. They also call it the "Fashion Bible”. 


Bulgarian cosmetics in VOGUE

We are proud to share that Crozia appeared for the first time in the beauty section of the British edition of VOGUE. In the February issue, its readers will be able to get acquainted with our day cream from the Brilliance series with saffron extract and over 150 organic ingredients.

Crozia is a high quality Bulgarian cosmetic brand. Our mission is to reveal the unsuspected effect of the little purple miracle of nature called saffron crocus on your skin. With its help we create cosmetic series that are a real revolutionary discovery.

Day cream for winter hydration

UV protection is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Even in winter, your face needs to restore the skin's protective barrier. We at Crozia have the right product that will protect you from allergies, hyperpigmentation and premature aging during the cold months.
Thanks to the magical properties of the "red gold" (as they call saffron), Crozia Brilliance day cream is your strongest weapon against dry and exhausted skin.


You can count on Crozia

With great desire and even more passion, we at Crozia work hard to make you happy with our cosmetic magic. We feel even more inspired when we see the results of our work in the pages of world-famous magazines such as the British editions of Tatler and VOGUE.
Readers of Tatler have already got acquainted with the luxury products from the Crozia’s Brilliance series, but we are happy to announce that VOGUE readers will also have their chance to do that in two more consecutive months.

Ladies, try and see for yourself the quality of the Bulgarian face cosmetics Crozia!