We at Crozia chose saffron for its indispensable and beneficial properties. Its flower contains over 100 aromatic and essential compounds, along with a number of organic pigments.
Since ancient times, saffron has been used for cosmetics purposes. It was mixed with oils and Cleopatra was said to bathe in her favourite saffron infused donkey milk. A gentle promise of eternal youth!
Traditional Greek medicine used the spice to treat wounds. An interesting fact is that women in India used saffron to make "bindi" – the red dot on the forehead symbolizing well-being and happiness. Also believed to be the third eye. These mystical tales fuelled our interest in saffron.
Nowadays, saffron crocus is preferred because of the variety of its cosmetic applications, one of its most promising being its effective protection against harmful UV rays. The flower is also known to reduce the pigment called melanin and acts as an effective skin lightening agent.
Upon drying, the saffron gives off a sensual aroma. Nowadays, you can find this woody, sweet scent in women's and men's perfumes.
In the modern world, the charming flower is an indispensable component in the cosmetics industry. It brings with it a gentle sense of beauty and a honey scent . A unique component that enriches the fine textures of face and body creams!
Cosmetics with high concentration of saffron stigmas extracts speed up the skin’s regeneration, making it velvety soft.
We chose this sensual, unadulterated sophistication to be at the core of our mission for healthy skin, to which we have the honour to introduce you through our range of high quality women's and men's boutique cosmetics with saffron. Its benefits are countless, the effect is noticeable and tangible, designed to make you bolder and more beautiful than ever.