Creating boutique cosmetics requires love, creative thinking and a free spirit. Crozia brand combines all three elements, striking the right balance and producing unmatched cosmetic lines that fascinate with their vision and exceptional quality!
Our purpose is to close entirely the production process. We make sure every detail is taken care of from the selection of the best Saffron bulbs, the flowering of this gift of nature right up to the final product. 
At the heart of our cosmetics line is the exotic saffron flower valued for its multiple and extremely valuable properties. 
Our final creations are presented to you in collaboration with highly qualified teams, guiding us through this process. The challenge we have faced was selecting the best. And we did it! Each of our products is dermatologically tested, certified and given an ‘Excellent’ rating by the DERMATEST - Germany Institute, giving you safety and trust in the Crozia brand.


Crozia Brilliance series

The first series of Crozia Brilliance products have been created for ladies, fully revealing the tenderness of Saffron. Our aim was perfection which you will experience again and again in our cosmetics line. Complete and delicate care , giving you the sense of gracefulness!
Saffron Micellar Water is the first product which initiated our sophisticated history in this industry. Your skin looks  fresh, cleansed and moisturized.
We have extended our full face care line with our day and night creams made with Saffron, their regenerating properties help smooth out the finest wrinkles. Feel the exquisiteness of our creamy and light textures every time you apply them.
We continued our work tirelessly by creating a Saffron Eye Cream to brighten your eyes. Its antioxidant action eliminates harmful pollutants and makes you glow all day long!
The final touch of excellence to our Brilliance series, is the Saffron Serum, which in combination with other products, makes your skin taut and radiant, eliminating any signs of fatigue. 
Be irresistible everyday with Crozia!