Creating cosmetics is a magical process, our certification ensures that we have fully mastered this art! To meet the needs for quality and natural care for your skin, exposed daily to environmental challenges, Crozia has created a true treasure – boutique saffron cosmetics. All our products are certified and recognized for their excellent quality. We provide complete transparency on the content and ingredients we use. Our goal is to treat your skin with exceptional care and to provide you with the best. Crozia pays special attention to every detail within this process. 

Dermatest Institute - Germany

Dermatest - Germany is a well-known dermatological institute that tests and certifies cosmetic products. An unrivalled team of biologists and dermatologists operate in accordance with the highest international standards, excelling with over 30 years of experience. We have entrusted our cosmetics line to Dermatest, and they gave it an Excellent rating. This is a genuine recognition for our hard work. This was our mission! With the seal of approval of Dermatest – Germany, we’ve completed the production cycle. By affixing the seal on our products, we certify that all control methods have been followed for the safety and satisfaction of our clients. In pursuit of natural beauty, Crozia has set notably high standards in order to create the perfect products for your skin.