Saffron is an extremely rich cultivation that grows proudly in Bulgaria. Extremely beautiful and fragrant, the crocus blooms during the colourful autumn season, and its most important qualities emanate from the pistil of its flowers.
According to laboratory analysis performed in England, France, Switzerland and Germany, the highest quality saffron is grown in our small country, for this reason we have started our own production in Bulgaria.
The exotic nature of this sunny flower and its qualities are unique. However, it has to go a long way to reach you, which often remains unnoticed. We will reveal to you the secret of our saffron cultivation so that you can experience it in its purest form.
At Crozia, we know that the delicate purple flower loves well-drained soils and we provide it with such. We personally take care of every little detail when we plant our divine saffron crocus. 
After many consultations with experts in the field of organic agriculture, we took our production to a higher level. We start by selecting the best bulbs, as these are essential in the production of quality end product. The next step is focusing on all-natural cultivation - without growth regulators, antibiotics and other synthetic additives.

We carefully select and observe the time for harvesting saffron, as the blooming lasts just for a few days. One of the final stages, namely the harvesting of the saffron crocus, is also the most difficult one. In the morning, before sunrise, each flower is hand picked, with great care to preserve its aroma and qualities. The precious crimson threads of each flower, also called ‘stigmas’, are removed carefully. The drying process is also a delicate procedure, requiring a great deal of skills and care to preserve the maximum amount of the rich properties of the saffron extracts.
You will find an inspiration in our products.